2014, Christmas PartyProfessor Tamiya's Birthday
 Laboratory's Memebrs  Interaction with Guest Speaker
After a Social Contribution Project  
Professor Tamiya's Birthday
2010, Year-end Party 
Inviting Doctor Murose who is Contributing to
Local Medical Care in Tsukuba

July 2007, Laboratory Party
April 2009, Laboratory moved to
General Research Building D
March 2007,
Congratulations on Obtaining a Dgree
October 2006, We introduced laboratories
at Souhou School Festival "Gakken Project"
We Welcomed a Researcher from GermanyDecember 2006,
Christmas Party in the Laboratory
April 2006, Freshmen Welcome PartyJuly 2005, A Social Gathering after
the meeting of Science Research Gourp
of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare 
Birthday Party of Professor Tamiya
We gave a welcome board to Professor Tamiya

April 2005, The First Graduate's School's
Entrance Ceremony of Professor Tamiya's Laboratory