We assess and analyze the quality of various medical services (including nursing care, health and welfare) through the method of health services research. Our goal is to improve the service quality via the outcome of the interdisciplinary research based on the verified data to help realize the medical care that harmonizes with patients’ living.


  • Health Services Research (especially older people, people with disability, children and emergency medical care)
  • Cooperation of medical care and welfare in the local community
  • Policy evaluation of the long-term care insurance system
  • Study for the improvement of the quality of in-home care and facility care for older people and people with disability
  • Public Health based on legal medicine (older people, child abuse, solitary death, actual state of service-related death, etc.)

What’s New


The 5th International Conference on Global Aging 開催!
Dear Sir/Madam,

Our Research and Development Center for Health Services Tsukuba (R&D for HS), directed by Prof Tamiya, holds an International Conference on Global Aging annually for the purpose of providing presentation opportunities in English and exchange of ideas among researchers. This is the fifth time we celebrate this event and it will take place on September 27th, at the city of Tsukuba (International Congress Center, Room 303: starting at 10AM) .

Aging is an urgent global issue. In order to face the challenges of aging societies, we believe it is important to share experiences among countries around the world. 

We hold a deep respect for societies and their cultural backgrounds, including their ideal visions for family ties and perceptions of death. We address them from several point of views, including medical care, nursing care, social security, among others. We believe this multidisciplinary endeavour is essential.

R&D for HS has decided to hold a new session at the TGSW 2017 this year, along with teachers, researchers and students belonging to our and other universities who are studying aging beyond academic barriers.

We are waiting for your participation at The 5th International Conference on Global Aging.

Those who wish to participate can register in advance. Please select session 8-5 when registering. TGSW2017 Website: Registration: Program: Attached file link

Note: It is not necessary to register if you are a presenter, chairperson or special lecturer at this event.

Please see the attached program. Questions to:


18th Health Services Research Seminar !

Date:April 28th 2017, 18:30~20:00
Place: Seminar room #431, Tokyo Campus, University of Tsukuba 

①18:30~19:15  Dr. Nobuo Sakata
②19:15~20:00  Dr. Boyoung Jeon

★There's a get-together at a Chinese restaurant "仙鶴楼" after seminar.
    Fee: about ¥3,000

Contact: Department of Health Services Research, University of Tsukuba  
               MS. Chiyo Morita (secretary)


Health Services Research Seminar !
Thank you for your participation!

Date:February 24th, 2017, 18:30~20:00

Place: Seminar room #558, Tokyo Campus, University of Tsukuba 

①18:30~19:15  Dr. Felipe Sandoval
②19:15~20:00  Dr. Mikiya Sato

★After seminar, we will have a social gathering at a Chinese restaurant(仙鶴楼)
Budget: about ¥3,000

Contact: University of Tsukuba, Department of Health Services Research  secretary MS. Yachiyo Tobita


The introduction course of health service research for practicing in-home and facility was held on 7th, 8th January.

Thank you for your participation!
Date: January 7th (Sat.) and 8th (Sun.) 2017

Place: Seminar room 120 University of Tsukuba, Tokyo Campus
Charge: Free

【General Instructional Objective】

This course is designed for students who practice in-home and facility care to aim at problem solution of practicing care and to study the forefront knowledge from the inspiring practitioners. Furthermore, students acquire the rudimentary method to evaluate and analyze their own quality of service scientifically.
click here for more detail

We are looking forward to your participation !

If you want to participate in, please apply with your name, affiliation and contact E-mail address to below email address. (Deadline: 9:00am 4th January 2017) Partial participation will be also acceptable.

Contact: University of Tsukuba, Health Service Research Lab. 

 Ms. Yachiyo Tobita (secretary)


Health Service Research Seminar !

We look forward to you participation.
Date:December 16th, 2016, 18:30~20:00

Place: Seminar room 117, Tokyo Campus, University of Tsukuba 

①18:30~19:00  Prof. Tomoko Ito
②19:00~19:30  Mr. Nobuyuki Izumida
③19:30~20:00  Prof. Hideto Takahashi

★We are planning a year-end a party because of this is the last seminar of this year.

If you want to join the year-end a party, please contanct us early for appointment of the party place.

Deadline of application: December 9th, 2016

Contact: Tsukuba University Department of Health Service Research  secretary MS. Yachiyo Tobita